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Wasserman Family | Dune Allen Beach | Santa Rosa Beach, FL

When you’re racing the storm coming in and you have an easygoing family, you can knock out a family session in 20 minutes!

When Corey contacted me for their family session, I tried to convince him to do a sunrise session as they are cooler, less crowded and have softer lighting. After a few messages back and forth, he responds, “we will have to think that over” and then minutes later he replies with, “Sunset would be better. I don’t think our kids could get up that early and be nice to us the rest of the day.” I guess 5:45 is a little early :)

This sweet family was from Richland Hill, Texas, and even though I’ve never lived in the DFW area, they were from Texas so we immediately connected. Jenny is a (4th grade ELA) teacher as well! Aubrey is 7 and Joseph is 5 and just had a birthday in June where he helped create his very own “nailed it” garbage truck birthday cake!

After briefly talking at the house they were staying at, we took a short walk down the beach, making it very helpful when we had to run back to the house to avoid the storm! Right as we got to the beach, we all looked up and noticed a ginormous group of rain clouds heading our way. I typically start photos at the dunes and snap a few there before heading to the water. This session was a little different. I looked at the Wasserman family and said, "if we move quickly, we can beat the storm!" They were all for it and ready for whatever I asked of them!

Thank y’all for being up to move quickly and still create memories you will look back on for many years. This session will definitely be one for the books!

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