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Cotner Family | Grayton Beach State Park | Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Being a full-time Teacher, anytime I meet someone who works at a school, I feel an immediate connection and am reassured that it’s going to be a great session. Nikki works at an elementary school as an OT, Tyler is a construction manager and Easton loves admiring his parents and playing in the sand. He is just short of a year old -- when Nikki told me he had an August birthday like myself, I knew he was going to be a blast to work with!

Getting to know new clients while also trying to ask them to do a zillion things at once can be challenging, but Tyler, Nikki and Easton made it too easy. They were naturals and Easton LOVED when his parents say “achoo” to get him to smile.

Meeting new people is one of my favorite things! This little family came all the way from Oklahoma to spend some quality time on the beach together. They even stayed a little longer than they expected because they loved the area so much!

By the end of the night, we were all soaking wet from the heat and you wouldn’t be able to tell one bit. This sweet little family was a joy to be around.

I am so grateful they took some time out of their vacation to let me capture a few memories for them to look back on! They came with energy, ideas and smiles to keep me wanting to capture every little moment possible!

Thank you Tyler and Nikki for trusting me to take some beach photos for your family!

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