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What to wear

One of the most common questions I get when I am speaking with a client before a session is "What do you recommend we wear?"


The beach gives such a clean slate to create beautiful images so I always recommend going simple with outfits. Here are a few suggestions I encourage when picking outfits. Of course, if you have any more questions after going through the style guide, I am here to help!

I appreciate you taking the time to plan out your outfits for your session. I know it will benefit your photos!

Gladney Family 0021.jpg

Solid, soft, neutral colors

When I create photos for clients, I want those who are looking at them to focus on the joy and happiness the photo portrays. Solid, soft neutral colors like blues, beige, etc. help keep the focus on how the people feel in that moment. 

Breathable fabric

The majority of clients book for the summertime when it is warm at sunset or sunrise. Look for breathable, comfortable fabric to enjoy your session!

If you're booking in the winter, add a few layers and pull off as needed!

Reyes-Henke Family 0114.jpg
Fix Sneak Peek Retake 0011.jpg

Flowy dresses and casual button downs

It may feel odd dressing up to go to the beach. I get it. More likely than not, you will see others doing the same thing you're doing during your session time! I encourage looking for flowy dresses, skirts and casual button down tops to enhance your photos. Amazon has many options for dresses and most of them are easy to return if you need to try a few on. Reach out if you're looking for a last minute outfit and I can recommend a few places nearby! 

Simple accessories

Add a hat, a bouquet of flowers or a blanket if its cold to your session to add some dimension! A simple necklace, bracelet and earrings are encouraged. I would keep them similar to your outfit -neutral, soft colors to keep the focus on the emotions in the photos. 

Anna 0004.jpg

Here's some outfit inspiration from past clients while you're getting ready for your session!

Happy planning!

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