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Cox Family | Henderson Beach State Park | Destin, FL

“Whatever they do, we’re going to do better” - when you hear this at a family session, you know it’s going to be a good time!

This close-knit family came with ideas like re-creating the Beatles “Abbey Road” studio album cover, Shia Labeouf and Michael Douglas in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, jumping photos and lots of playing jokes on each other. Cami’s mom went in for a mother/daughter photo and knowing that Cami had a “side”, she sat on the wrong side just to play with her. It made for some cute candids, my favorite.

This dad-joke loving family literally kept me laughing the whole evening. They were also THE best at fake-laughing although, I think it turned into real laughing very quickly. It’s crazy how time can fly when you’re around good company.

The Cox Family was a unique session in 2 ways.

1) I met this family as I was moving out of my classroom in Austin, Texas. Cami was hired to fill my place in First Grade. Her mom and I started talking and asked where we were moving. I said, “about 20 miles east of Destin.” She responds, “we’re going to vacation in Destin at the end of June!” One thing leads to another and here we are at Henderson Beach State Park! For the record, I cannot think of anyone better than Cami to take my place and I am SO excited for her adventure into teaching and loving on those firsties.

2) They were my guinea pigs. Just 3 short days after we got here, I met them at the beach to take photos. They were my first beach session. And I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I am so blessed to have clients like these who trust me in creating memories they will look back on for many, many years.

It’s amazing how things workout. I had many chats about the fear of moving and having to re-establish my business with my husband. He ALWAYS reassured that things were going to work out. Man, he was right. This family helped smoothen the transition of moving across the country, even if they didn’t know it then. I couldn’t have asked for a more easygoing, down to earth, genuinely FUN family to start my photography adventure in FL!

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