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Reyes Family | Helotes, Texas

Bubbles, bubbles and MORE bubbles! This is what kept this active 2 year old engaged and I couldn't have asked for anything better!

Pictures help remind us of the happy moments! I was so happy when my cousin reached out asking for photos of her little one, Vinny and her Dad. We had to put a bit of a hold on it but I’d say it was definitely worth the wait!

We met at a Shell Gas Station close to their house and headed toward small town Helotes. Vinny had a birthday recently so I brought a bag of goodies he would enjoy. Little did I know they would be used during the session. One of the first things he pulled out of the bag were the bubbles. Alyssa said they had a bubble machine at home so he was very familiar with them. After seeing the bubbles, not much else mattered and Alyssa quickly opened the bottle and watched her son gleam as the bubbles flew by him. Talk about some facial expressions! With the biggest 2 year old eyes, he kept me laughing with the faces he would make.

Pretty soon, Vinny was needing a snack break so we headed to the car where Alyssa had packed just about every snack you could think of. He grabbed a quick bite and a big sip to stay hydrated and then he was off again. Very independent.

We moved into a field (Floore's Country Store Parking Lot) and Vinny went straight for the rocks and dirt. Family sessions are all about capturing the candid and real moments and this was a perfect moment to capture. One of the many reasons why I remind parents to bring an extra outfit just in case :)

Vinny spent some time with his Papo throwing him in the air and searching for sticks. It's very clear that he looks up to him. His Papo asked Vinny things like "where's your nose?", "where's your hair?" and "where's your heart?", helping create memories and Vinny's personality at this age.

We finished the session at Senator Frank L. Madla Natural Area -- a simple and intimate location to capture a few more memories. While Alyssa was changing outfits, Papo and Vinny played a game of toss with a golf ball. It’s incredible how a simple game can bring an immense amount of joy. And who better for him to play it with than his Papo.

When we got out into the field, dinosaurs were brought out and flowers were looked at and responded with “yum”. Lots of high fives were given and a few more snack breaks were had.

At the end of the night, a police car pulled up to make sure everyone was leaving so he could close the park. Not surprising at all, my uncle (Papo) picked up Vinny and walked over to the cop to chat with him. My cousin (Alyssa) and I look at each other and I say “typical Reyes. Will talk to anyone”. Seconds later, the cop turns on his lights for Vinny to see. Vinny was ecstatic. He begins to clap. Let’s just say the night couldn’t have ended better.

Alyssa, thank you so much for trusting me to take pictures for y’all. After a long time waiting, I am grateful to spend the evening with you, your dad and Vinny. I hope you will look back at this day for many years and remember the joy and laughter from it!

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